Collageno is a project by Nicolas Kouri (Lima, Peru - 1996), a multidisciplinary artist mainly focused on collage in relation to op and visionary art. He uses diverse mediums to expand the limits of collage, oscillating between the digital and the analog fields. His artistic practice consist in an exploration of the ontology of vibration and dimensionality. Through these concepts and symbology, he focuses on the duality within existence, the manipulation of the viewer’s perception and the potential reflection on the layers of meaning of the artwork.

His videos and digital artworks have been presented at multiple exhibitions and international festivals at NYC, Bilbao, Lima, Regina and Belgrade. He has had two solo exhibitions, one at Void Contemporary VR gallery app and the other at Lima Yoga Gallery in Peru. Within the places and events where he has participated with his work as an artist are the Creative Code Festival, twice in The Wrong - the digital art biennale, a residence program in Kai Residency in Cusco, the book Making the cut Vol. 1: The World's best collage artist, the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies and La Carnicería Art Fair.


I find myself in a constant questioning of the concepts of nature and reality, of which I'm interested in understanding its structure and functioning mechanism in relation to the inner world. Exploring the interconnections between things contained in existence have become essential in my work, be they material or immaterial. In this research, numbers and the mathematics of things are very useful to me as an agent of connection and organization of information, basically as agglutinators of the multiplicity.

In my artistic practice, I aim to explore the tensions and weave relations between the dualities within existence, manifestated in aspects as light and darkness, the artificial and the organic, order and chaos, etc.. On the other hand, I oscillate between the analog and the digital, creating a dialog through mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation, collage, videoart and music from both fields.

I'm interested in elaborating pieces that explores the ontology of vibration, that trasmit the sensation that reality flows, bends and unfolds, sensations that i have experimented where the material vanishes and the veil of reality is traspassed as a membrane to enter to other fields of consciousness.

In the future I aim to explore how technology can be used to expand our relationship with the cosmos and our inner world. Also, my objective is to keep expanding my possibilities for creating worlds in two dimensional mediums as in 3D/VR and exploring the relation between the humans and nature as the symbolic possibilities of organisms as a reflect to the human being.